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IN-PERSON : Individual Habits Lab Bootcamp

IN-PERSON : Individual Habits Lab Bootcamp

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Change is Possible. 

There is HOPE for the areas of your life that you've deemed "forever weaknesses." For so long, I felt powerless to change. After implementing this course's micro-changes and habit-forming principles in my life, I began to feel powerful as I saw real, lasting change.

I want to invite you into my journey and give you very tangible tools that are easy to implement so that you will have a new dose of hope.

You'll walk away with the ability to create a culture of change and growth in your own life.

Location: 45 min in-person meetings in my office; If you ever need to do a virtual meeting- we can ZOOM 

Time: you can choose a 45 min window on Tuesday mornings 9a-1p
Thursday afternoons 3:30p-6:30p (after purchasing; I'll send you a link to my calendar to choose what you'd like) 

Dates: 4 weeks; you can choose your dates that work for you (after purchasing; I'll send you a link to my calendar to choose what you'd like) 



 This package is an individual Habits Lab Bootcamp. It's a 4-week course by Jenna Zint will be an overview of the behavioral science & methodologies around using small habits to create a big impact of change. If you're excited about all the concepts of atomic habits but don't know where to start or would benefit from the accountability of coaching... this will be perrrrrrfect and make it so much more fun to implement!


What will the Bootcamp look like? 

Week #1: Overview of the importance of identity-based habits for long-term change. 

Week #2: Clarifying your aspirations & revising them until they resonate. 

Week #3: Brainstorming action steps towards aspiration & graphing them to choose one tiny habit you'll implement. We will create a tiny habit recipe.

Week #4: Reviewing & revising tiny habit from previous week. We will make 2 more tiny habit recipes.  We will talk about how to create a culture of change in any desired area of your life.