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SALE- Lovely Leopard: Flat Bow Headband

SALE- Lovely Leopard: Flat Bow Headband

Turbans For Tots

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This headband is made from a blended & stretchy bamboo fabric.
It's designed to be tied & untied to adjust for sizes, but comes pre-tied.

>>> Headband Sizes<<<
Measurement is of the circumference of the headband tied.

0-3m: 13”
3-6m: 14.5"
6-12m: 16"
12-2t: 17”
3T-10 years: 18”


All items in our shop are made to order therefore they are not "ready to ship". We average between 6-7 days turnaround time before items are shipped.

I recommend spot cleaning the headband by hand & letting them dry flat. Washer & dryer not recommended.

Materials: bamboo jersey