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Black Velvet : Scarf Bow (on clip)

Black Velvet : Scarf Bow (on clip)

Turbans For Tots

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Our "scarf bows" are by far our largest bow. They're only available on alligator clips b/c they're too big for the nylon headbands. The bow measures 4.75" by 6.5".

They're meant to resemble the "scarf-tied-to-your-bun" the current adult trend :)

Personally, I love them for my girls who have a ton of hair. It covers a sloppily thrown up pony tail & classes it up to the point we get compliments...when we really shouldn't if you knew how little effort I put into doing their hair. #momconfessions

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I recommend spot cleaning the headband by hand & letting them dry flat. Washer & dryer not recommended.

Materials: velvet