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Rosewood Dashes : Scarf Bow (on clip)

Turbans For Tots

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Our "scarf bows" are by far our largest bow. They're only available on alligator clips b/c they're too big for the nylon headbands. The bow measures 4.75" by 6.5".

They're meant to resemble the "scarf-tied-to-your-bun" the current adult trend :)

✨See photo that shows their size compared to our •XL bow•. This fabric is actually available in both sizes, in our shop. You’ll just have to search to find the other size if you’d prefer 💕

Personally, I love them for my girls who have a ton of hair. It covers a sloppily thrown up pony tail & classes it up to the point we get compliments...when we really shouldn't if you knew how little effort I put into doing their hair. #momconfessions

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I recommend spot cleaning the headband by hand & letting them dry flat. Washer & dryer not recommended.